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Benjamin Franklin RYUN, Sr.


Benjamin RYUN, Sr. was born 23 APR 1785 in Washington County, Pennsylvania. The names of his parents and siblings are unknown.

Nancy CALLENDAR was b. 25 DEC 1787 on the Eastern shores of Maryland near Bucktown. The names of her parents and siblings are unknown.

Benjamin RYUN, Sr. and Nancy CALLENDAR were married on 27 May 1807 at Ross County, Ohio. To this union 10 children were born.

(1) Elizabeth RYUN, b. 1808;

(2) James RYUN
, b. 1809, d. 1831;

(3) Nancy RYUN, b. 1811;

(4) Benjamin RYUN, b. 1814, d. 1831;

(5) Polly RYUN, b. 1816;

(6) John M. RYUN, b. 1821, d. 1900, m. Polly CLARK; (My direct line see below)

(7) William RYUN, b. 1821;

(8) Rosilla RYUN, b. 1823;

(9) Ida RYUN, b. 1825;

(10) Vina RYUN, b. 1828.

Nancy RYUN passed away in 1836 at the age of 48.

Benjamin RYUN then married Polly BLAUGHER CLARK CONNOR, b. 1790, d. 1879. She was the mother of his son John M. RYUN's wife, Polly CLARK.


John M. RYUN



John M. RYUN was b. 13 MAR 1821 at Fayette County, Ohio. He was one of 10 children born to Benjamin RYUN and Nancy CALLENDAR.

Polly CLARK was b. 10 MAY 1822 in Fayette County, Ohio. She was one of 9 children born to Mr. CLARK (first name unknown) and Polly CONNER (CARNES?).

In 1849 they moved to Davis County, Iowa, then 3 years later to Wayne County, Iowa. In 1886 they moved to Nebraska. To this union 10 children were born:

John M. RYUN and Polly CLARK were married 18 JUL 1840. To this union 10 children were born.

(1) Sarah E. RYUN, b. 13 Mar 1841, Fayetville Co., Ohio, d. 19 Mar 1930, m. 16 FEB 1857 to Daniel WILLIAMS;

(2) Benjamin Franklin RYUN, b. 03 AUG 1844, Fayetville Co., Ohio, d. 25 FEB 1925, buried in Republican City, Nebraska, m. 25 Mar 1869 to Martha COOK; (My direct line see below)

(3) David C. RYUN, b. 19 Mar 1847, Fayetville Co., Ohio, d. 27 NOV 1937 in Newton, Kansas, m. 23 May 1872 to Susan Ann HIDLY (KARNE?);

(4) Mary Ann (Polly Ann) RYUN, b. 22 AUG 1849, Fayetville, Co., Ohio, d. 09 OCT 1936 buried at Davis County, Near Shambough, Iowa, m. 19 OCT 1870(72?) to Jake BURLEY;

(5) Nancy Jane S. RYUN, b. 12 OCT 1852 at Davis County, Iowa, d. 04 AUG 1892, m. 25 Mar 1869 to James COOK;

(6) Elivera (Alvira) E. RYUN, b. 20 APR 1855 at Wayne Co., Iowa, d. 11 Jan 1887, m. 15 OCT 1873 to William DAWSON. Please note that after Elivera died, her husband William DAWSON remarried her younger sister, Ida May;

(7) Amos Luther, b. 14 JUL 1858 at Wayne Co., Iowa, d. 15 APR 1943 at Burlington, Iowa, buried at Aspen Grove Cemetery, m. 14 OCT 1880 at Chariton, Iowa to Willamina Livingston;

(8) William H. RYUN, b. 25(05?) FEB 1861 at Wayne County, Iowa, d. 11 OCT 1920, m. 15 NOV 1883 to Rosa HOAGLAN. They adopted Merrill RYUN, whereabouts unknown;

(9) Laura Dean RYUN, b. 23 JUN 1863 at Wayne County, Iowa, d. 20(02?) FEB 1906, m. 10 OCT 1882(3?) at Wayne County, Iowa to Sylas W. BURLEY. Sylas BURLEY is the nephew of Laura's sister's (Mary Ann) husband, Jake BURLEY;

(10) Ida May (Mae?) RYUN, b. 07 May 1866 at Wayne County, Iowa, d. 19 DEC 1943, m. 02 FEB 1888 to William DAWSON. Please note William DAWSON married Ida May after his first wife, Ida's sister, died;

Both John and Polly RYUN were affiliated with the Methodist Church. The family moved to Iowa in 1850.

John RYUN passed away 07 AUG 1900 at his home south of Republican City, Nebraska. He was a member of the M.E. Church for 55 years and a Mason for 41 years. After a M. E. Church funeral, John was buried at the Cedar Grove Cemetery near Republican City, Nebraska.

Polly CLARK died 14 MAY 1908 southeast of Republican City, Nebraska at the home of her daughter, Sarah E. WILLIAMS. Services were held at the M.E. Church and burial was in the Cedar Grove Cemetery. At the time of her death, her descendants numbered 150: 10 children, 73 grandchildren and 67 great-grandchildren.


Benjamin Franklin RYUN
Martha Elizabeth COOK



Benjamin Franklin RYUN was born in Fayette County, Ohio 03 AUG 1844. He was one of 10 children born to John M. RYUN and Polly CLARK RYUN. (Please note that Nora RYUN RICHTER recorded Polly's last name as CARNES, however, other family members have the name as CONNER.) At the age of 5 he moved with his family to Kirtville, Iowa where he grew to manhood.

Martha Elizabeth COOK was b. 19 MAR 1852 in Kirtville, (County?) Iowa. She was one of 10 children born to Abner COOK and Emmeline (Emly) PYLES.

Benjamin and Martha RYUN were m. 25 MAR 1869 in Wayne County, Iowa. To this union 12 children were born:

(1) Charlie B. RYUN, b. 23 DEC 1870, died in infancy;

(2) Mary Emily (Mollie) RYUN, b. 30 OCT 1871, m. Andrew McFARLANE, d. 1967. Mollie joined the Republican City, Nebraska's Ladies Aid in 1911. In her later years, Mollie w cared for in he Senior Citizens Home at Franklin, Nebraska. ;

(3) Martin R. RYUN, b. 02 NOV 1874;

(4) Abner Franklin RYUN, b. 24 JUN 1876;

(5) John Benjamin RYUN, b. 28 OCT 1877;

(6) Laura May RYUN, b. 18 OCT 1879, m. DUNCAN;

(7) Nora Dell RYUN, b. 24 SEP 1881, m. Henry J. RICHTER (My great grandparents);

(8) Fredric Carl RYUN, b. 04 NOV 1883;

(9) Lula Grace RYUN, b. 24 NOV 1885, m. KING;

(10) Willamina L. (Mina) RYUN, b. 02 SEP 1888 at Wayne County, Iowa, m. HAMMOND;

(11) Rosa Viola RYUN, b. 24 FEB 1891;

(12) Pansey Estelia RYUN, 03 JUL 1893;

In 1879 Benjamin RYUN united with the M.E. Church.

In 1888 they moved from Iowa to a farm in Harlan County, Nebraska. Ben RYUN came in a covered wagon with the older children, Mollie, John and Laura. Martha COOK RYUN then came out on the train with the younger children, Nora, Fred, Lula and Mina, who at the time was a baby born at Wayne County, Iowa.

Benjamin RYUN passed away 25 FEB 1925 in Naponee, Nebraska. Funeral services were held at the M.E. Church in Republican City with intermit at the Republican City Cemetery, Republican City, Nebraska.

Martha COOK RYUN passed away 08 OCT 1940 in McPherson, Kansas. She was buried 12 OCT 1940 in the Republican City Cemetery, Republican City, Nebraska.

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