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Here is my direct line of SKEELS / SKEEL / SKEELE

The following was typed by Patti Simpson, Holdrege, Nebraska, email: from the book "SKEELS of CHATTERIS, ENGLAND" written prior to 1900 and compiled about 1928 by Chipman SKEELS, Chicago, Illinois. Book can be found in Newberry Library, Chicago, Illinois and also through the LDS History Centers.

If you are interested in obtaining a copy of the SKEELS books listed above, here are the LDS numbers needed to order them. Contact your local Family History Center to order these films.

The numbers for the SKEELS microfilms are:

#1 Microfilm number is #0875377, and note the Microfilm item number 5. The title is "The Skeel (Skeele, Skeil) Family of Connecticut".

#2 The second microfilm is titled the same, "The Skeel (Skeele, Skeil) Family of Connecticut", but I believe it was added on to by another line of the generations. That microfilm number of #0161961.

#3 There is also a microfiche, which deals with the book titled "Skeel, or Skeels Family". Use microfiche order number #6018350 and note the item number '1'.

Each section below is marked with an ID number. This number refers to my own genealogy numbering system.

Samuel Warren SKEELS ID# 1/22



Samuel Nobel SKEELS, was born 1832 in Williamstown, New York (Birthplace listed as Massachusetts in 1920 Census as Lola WINTERSTEEN's father's place of birth) to Sylvester N. SKEELS. His mother's name is unknown.

Amanda M. MITCHELL, b. 1841 Ohio. Her parents names are unknown. On the 1880 Census of the U.S. for Republican City, Harlan County, Nebraska, her parents are listed as both being born in Ohio.

One of her known siblings, was a brother by the name of Frank. (Note: On 13 August 1884, McPherson Normal College was incorporated at Republican City, Nebraska and a Mr. J. H. MITCHELL was listed as one of the directors. Could this have been her father or another relative?)

Samuel SKEELS and Amanda MITCHELL's marriage date and place is unknown at this time. To them 9 or 10 children were born. Two or three dying in infancy.

(1) Lola V. SKEELS, b. 14 FEB 1867 in Ohio, m. Shannon WINTERSTEEN, (My direct line. I have more information available.);

(8) Anna B. SKEELS, b. 23 JUL 1869, d. 23 MAY 1884 and is buried at the Republican City, Nebraska Cemetery ;

(2) Jane M. SKEELS, b. in Columbus, Ohio, m. ABRAHAM. Jane lived in Lincoln, Nebraska in December, 1945 NOTE: I would like to note that on the 1880 US Census, Republican City, Harlan County, Nebraska, there is a daughter by the name of Anna B. SKEELS listed as being 10 years old born in Iowa. No Jane is listed on the Census.;

(3) Sylvester M. SKEELS, b. 01 SEP 1873 at Republican City, Harlan County, Nebraska. He married Bertha FLING in 1909. Sylvestor lived in Bonner's Ferry, Idaho in December, 1945 . Sylvester M. SKEELS d. 19 JAN 1956 at Silverton, Colorado at the age of 82 and was buried at Grandview Cemetery. He was a member of the Odd Fellows Lodge for more than 30 years. (See their section for more information);

(4) Charles Warren SKEELS, b. 01 JUN 1876. He was married on 12 AUG 1900 to Ethel F. BASQUE, b. 27 SEP 1883, d. 10 SEP 1972 and is buried at Republican City, Nebraska cemetery. Charles died on 21 APR 1938 and was buried 23 APR 1938. (See their section for more information);

(5) John Cramner SKEELS, b. 08 NOV 1879 at Republican City, Harlan County, Nebraska, d. 14 JAN 1964 (1965 per cemetery record) at the Renotta Nursing Home in Wray, Colorado and was buried at the Republican City Cemetery. In the 1920 US Census for Republican City Village in Harlan County, Nebraska John is listed with his wife named Mary, age 38. Mary's maiden name and the year they were married are unknown. There were two sons listed as living with them, Orverit SUTTON age 11, and Bazid SUTTON age 9. The two boys were apparently from Mary's previous marriage. John loved to travel and lived in many states, but always claimed Republican City as his home. He was a talented painter and interior decorator and was a keen observer of all nature. John lived in Wray, Colorado in December, 1945 ;

(6) Luella (Ella) M. SKEELS, b. 1858, d. 1921 and is buried at Republican City, Nebraska Cemetery. She was married on ? to GOULD. Ella received a teaching certificate in 1874 and taught school in Harlan County, Nebraska ;

(7) Daisy SKEELS, b. 1882, d. 1965 and is buried in the Republican City, Nebraska Cemetery. She married DUNCAN. Daisy lived in Wray, Colorado in December, 1945 ;

(9) Laura SKEELS, b. 1885, d. 1885.

Samuel Noble SKEELS was left an orphan at the age of eight years by a boating accident. He was given to a painter and stayed through his apprenticeship then he moved to Massachusetts and learned the gun making trade. Samuel came to Nebraska in 1867 and trapped. In 1870-71 he brought his family out by covered wagon, made his living by a gun shop in old Republican City, Nebraska until the town began growing then he started painting again about 1896.

Samuel was known to be quite a fiddler and played for dances.

Amanda SKEELS died ae 1892 (believed to have died in Marengo, Iowa County, Iowa) and is buried in the Republican City, Nebraska Cemetery. After Amanda died, Samuel SKEELS went to Oklahoma for the land rush. (There were several land rushes in Oklahoma, one big one of 100,000 people in 1893.) There he became sick. His sons went after him and on the way home they had a train lay over in Superior, Nebraska and here he died. The SKEELS family Bible is believed to be left in Oklahoma when he was brought home Samuel Noble SKEELS was also buried in Republican City, Nebraska.

Sylvester Noble SKEELS ID# 8/2

(Spouse Unknown)


Sylvestor Noble SKEELS was born 1808. His father was Samuel Alvabel SKEELS. His mother's name and siblings are unknown.

His wife's name and marriage date is unknown. He is known to have the following children:

(1) Samuel Warren SKEELS, b. , m. Amanda MITCHELL, d. (My direct line. See above for more);

Sylvestor Noble SKEELS died in 1849.

Samuel Alvabel SKEELS ID# 8/4

(Spouse Unknown)


Samuel Alvabel SKEELS was born in 1772. His father was Thomas SKEELS SKEELS. His mother's name and siblings are unknown.

His wife's name and marriage date is unknown. He is known to have the following children:

(1) Sylvestor Noble SKEELS, b. , m. , d. (My direct line. See his section above for more information);

Samuel Alvabel SKEELS died in 1856.

Thomas SKEELS ID# 8/8

Hannah LEE


Thomas SKEELS was born on 30 APR 1751 in Kent, Litchfield County, Connecticut. His parents were Thomas SKEELS and Prudence SLOSSAN. The names of his siblings are unknown.

Hannah LEE's birth date is unknown. Her parents and siblings are unknown also.

Thomas SKEELS and Hannah LEE were married 04 SEP 1771. To them the following children were born:

(1) Samuel Alvabel SKEELS, b. 1772, , d. 1856 (My direct line. See his section above);

Thomas SKEELS died 26 NOV 1792 in Ira, Vermont.

Hannah LEE's death date is unknown.

Thomas SKEELS (son of John, John)

Prudence SLOSSAN


Thomas SKEELS was born 30 DEC 1711 in Woodbury, Litchfield County, Connecticut. His parents were John SKEELS (Jr.) and Sarah BLAKESLEY(BLAKESLEE). Death date?

m. 25 SEP 1741 at Kent, Conn. to Prudence SLOSSAN daughter of Nathaniel & Margaret (Belden) Slossen. They joined the church 5 DEC 1742 and their children were born there.


(1) Sarah SKEEL, b. 1742;

(2) Olive SKEEL, b. 27 MAR 1744;

(3) David SKEEL, b. 27 AMR 1746;

(4) Nathan SKEEL, b. 22 SEP 1747;

(5) Thomas SKEELS, b. 30 APR 1751 in Kent, Litchfield County, Connecticut, m. 04 SEP 1771 to Hannah LEE,d. 26 NOV 1792 in Ira, Vermont; (My direct line. See his section above for more information.);

(6) Elijah SKEEL, b. 15 OCT 1753;

(7) Dimmis SKEEL, b. (Bet. near Homer, N.Y.)

(8) Hiram SKEEL, b. ;

(9) Myrum SKEEL, b.;

(10) Chloe SKEEL, b.;


Thomas SKEELS and Prudence SLOSSAN's death dates are unknown.

John SKEELS (son of John)



John SKEELS was born 02 NOV 1679 in Woodbury, Conn. to John SKEELS (Sr.) and Hannah TERRILL. He d. 25 MAY 1727 at Woodbury, Conn.

John m. ca 1710 to Sarah BLAKESLEY (BLAKESLEE), born 06 SEP 1692 in New Haven, Haven County, Connecticut, bpt. AUG 1697 Woodbury, Conn. Daughter of Samuel and Sarah (KIMBERLY) BLAKESLEY (BLAKESLEE). She m. 2. William JUDD and they had a daughter Elizabeth JUDD, b. 13 JUN 1734.

They had nine children:

(1) Thomas SKEELS, (Jr.) b. 30 DEC 1711, Woodbury, Litchfield County, Connecticut, m. 25 SEP 1741 at Kent, Litchfield County, Connecticut to Prudence SLOSSAN (My direct line. See their section above for more information);

(2) Miriam SKEELS, b. 2 AUG 1713 m. 25 AUG 1737 Bushnell Bostwick of New Milford, Conn.;

(3) John SKEELS III, bpt. 13 NOV 1715;

(4) Ephraim SKEELS, b. 30 JUN 1717;

(5) Abigail SKEELS, bpt. 10 MAY 1719 m. ---- Bronson of New Milford perhaps 2. John TRACY.;

(6) Jonathan SKEELS, b. 10 MAR 1721;

(7) Samuel SKEELS, b. 25 JAN 1725;

(8) Sarah SKEELS, bpt. 14 FEB 1725 d. Unm. 1746 New Mildord, Conn.. Owned property at Eittletown and Horse Fence Hill. Willed property to sisters Miriam BOSTWICK, Abigail BRONSON and Hannah SKEEL;

(9) Hannah SKEELS, b. 3 AUG 1727, Unmarried in 1752;





John SKEELS was born 01 JUN 1633 at Redding, England. d. 5 OCT 1721 Woodbury, Conn. aged 88 (testate)

He m. before 1675 to Hannah TERRILL who was b. AUG 1645 at Milford, Fairfield County, Connecticut to Roger TERRILL. Hannah TERRILL died 11 NOV 1730 at Woodbury, Litchfield County, Connecticut.

They had six children:

(1) Mary SKEEL, bpt. 10 NOV 1677;

(2) John SKEEL, bpt. 10 NOV 1678 died young;

(3) Hannah SKEEL, bpt. 10 NOV 1678 m. 3 NOV 1697 Benjamin HICKOK. See HICKOK Genealogy 1939 page 15;

(4) John SKEELS, b. 02 NOV 1679, m. Sarah BLAKESLEY (My direct line. See their section above for more information);

(5) Robert SKEEL, bpt. 31 JUL 1681, died young;

(6) Thomas SKEEL, bpt. 23 APR 1682 d. 30 OCT 1709 Stratford, Conn d.s.p. estate divided between brother John and sisters, Hannah, Elizabeth and Abigail. Dist. Fairfield 1709;




The Year Book of 1925 issued officially each year in Denmark is said to give the SKEEL family back to thefifteenth century. Translated in English this is a 35 page typewrittten copy and gave the birth date and marriage record to 260 SKEELS in Denmark from ae 1366 to ae 1900 and the personel records of all who achieved position in wealth and station in their clase relation to the Crown Barons, Counts and Countesses (62) and many owners of large landed estates too numerous to mention. Titles included Envoy to Russia, Senators appointed by the Crown, Proffessors in Universities, Ambassadors to Dansig, Breslau, Saxony, Sweden, England and Russia, Jurists adn Ministers, High Appointments in the Army and Navy in Jutland and else where in Denmark. The Coat of Arms of the family is owned by some of our members as well as photographs of the Skeel castle. It is said that our branch of the family removed to Reading, England and from there to America.





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